Beef Buttock, Rump, Loin, Topside, Silverside, Knuckle, Rump, Striploin, Fillet, Shin (Shank), Thin Flank, Prime Rib, Ribeye, Chuck, Brisket, Bolo and Trimmings. Value Added Offals such as Beef Oxtail, Beef Liver, Clean Tripe and Beef Heart. Offals such as Tongue, Tail, Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Thin Skirt, Cheeks, Lungs and Spleen, Large Tripe, Small Tripe, Casings, Cow Heels, Heads, Spinal Cords, Pancreas Glands.Sourced from our supplier who has recently been awarded the FSSC 22000 accreditation which is the highest Food Safety Management System (FSMS) attainable worldwide. Approved for export to Hong Kong, Indian Ocean Islands, Middle East and all African countries

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